Macron turns away from U.S. in laying out roadmap

 Macron turns away from U.S. in laying out roadmap

French President Emmanuel Macron appeared to be shifting his approach to the United States President Donald Trump, according to Associated Press.

During a 90-minute speech to France’s ambassadors Monday, Macron laid out his roadmap for the country’s diplomatic priorities in the year to come.

His speech focused on strengthening the European Union to face today’s challenges rather than counting on the U.S. support that had two world wars as a crucible.

Since his election last year, Macron repeatedly tried to convince Trump not to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and the Iran nuclear deal. France’s pro-EU president also urged Trump not to impose tariffs on European steel and aluminum.

On Monday, Macron urged the European Union to take more responsibility for its own defense.


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