Magomed Nurbagandov commemorated in Dagestan (VIDEO)

Photo: VKontakte
Photo: VKontakte

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the murder of the Hero of Russia, a policeman from the Sergokalinsky district, Magomed Nurbagandov.

Time passes by really quickly: 5 years have passed since the day when a modest policeman from Dagestan, Magomed Nurbagandov, uttered the last words in his life that have spread all over the world and become a symbol of the human spirit perseverance.

The militants seized Nurbagandov unarmed, while on vacation with beloved ones, and at gunpoint demanded to address colleagues in the service with an appeal to break the oath. But Magomed, without hesitation, firmly said: "Work, brothers!" He chose to die with honour, without bowing his head to the enemy.