Group rebranding into VK Group rebranding into VK Group will change its name to VK, the company’s CEO Boris Dobrodeev announced on Tuesday.

"VK is a single brand for the entire company. Unlike Group, it will be presented not only at the corporate level, but also in our products - their users did not always see their connection with each other. For almost a quarter of a century we have been uniting technologies for people and people around technologies," he said.

"The company’s single brand will highlight all options that our ecosystem offers: communication and games, education (from school to professional), delivery of medicines and groceries, taxi, car sharing, and online shopping, all opportunities for business - from small to large - and many others," Dobrodeev added.

It was noted that the name "VKontakte" will remain as the product brand of the social network. At the same time, some products will be renamed, and the brand will be associated with the rest through the logo and communications. All projects will be connected by common services - VK ID, VK Pay, VK Combo, and others.

According to Dobrodeev, all new products of the company will be created under the VK brand. The decision to rename acquired projects will be made by the brand team based on analytics and research. He stressed that the most recognizable projects will keep their own brand, including Odnoklassniki, VKontakte,, My.Games.


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