Man in Zorro costume detained at Los Angeles airport

Man in Zorro costume detained at Los Angeles airport

Authorities are investigating after reports of a gunman at LAX airport in Los Angeles brought authorities to close part of the airport on Sunday night. 

Andy Neiman, LAPD media relations commanding officer, confirmed that no shots were fired at the airport and police were investigating the source of the "loud noises" that sparked the alarm.

LAX airport has said on its Twitter account that "An individual in Zorro costume has been detained" by airport police as terminals were reopened, the Telegraph reports.

Authorities had blocked off the entrance to the airport due to the police activity and closed the upper and lower levels of the Central Terminal Area in order to investigate.

"Police searching LAX after reports. All precautions being taken to ensure safety of public. Remain calm. Thank you for your cooperation," airport police said on Twitter.


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