Mandatory car insurance introduced in Georgia

Mandatory car insurance introduced in Georgia

Civil liability insurance will become mandatory for owners of registered vehicles in Georgia since July.

In accordance with a new bill, vehicle owners will have to insure their liability for causing harm to life, health and property of other persons while using a vehicle.

The draft law determines the minimum and maximum amount of annual insurance premiums according to the category of vehicles, reported.

For a motorcycle, which engine capacity is more than 50 cm3 the insurance package will vary from - 75.00-110.00 GEL. For the car, which permissible maximum weight is 3,500 kg, and the number of seats (except for the driver's) is not more than eight - 100-150.00 GEL. For bus with eight seats (except for the diver’s) – 160-240 GEL. For trucks which permissible maximum weight exceeds over 3,500 kg - 210-310 GEL. For agricultural vehicles – 60-90 GEL.