Maria Zakharova prevents Armenian provocation against Khojaly tragedy

Maria Zakharova prevents Armenian provocation against Khojaly tragedy

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova prevented a provocation by an Armenian media representative directed against the Khojaly tragedy and Russia's position on this crime against humanity.

The correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza reported that one of the Armenian journalists, accredited to the Russian Foreign Ministry, demanded that Maria Zakharova expresses her solidarity with Yerevan's negative assessment of the Russian parliamentary delegation's participation in commemoration ceremonies, dedicated to the Khojaly tragedy, which took place in Baku recently.

Maria Zakharova stressed that Russia cannot deny the tragic losses suffered by both the Azerbaijani and Armenian peoples in the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and does everything possible to avoid such tragedies in the future and resolve the conflict.

"First of all, I would like to stress that the terrible, bloody Nagorno-Karabakh conflict brought death and suffering to many innocent people, both Azerbaijanis and Armenians. Although this is a well-known position, I an ready to reaffirm it once again," the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson said.

"Our country is making significant, decisive efforts to assist the parties in finding a peaceful solution to this conflict. We will continue to give priority attention to this in the context of our policy in this region and approaches to shaping the Russian course in this direction," she stressed.

Maria Zakharova also urged the Armenian journalist not to provoke the Russian Foreign Ministry. "You said that the event was attended by Russian PMs -  I think it would be fair to ask them about it," the Russian Foreign Ministry's spokesperson concluded.


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