Maria Zakharova to Vestnik Kavkaza: virtual fight against Russia replaces real fight against terrorism

Maria Zakharova to Vestnik Kavkaza: virtual fight against Russia replaces real fight against terrorism

Russia is using the whole range of measures to convince the West to jointly fight against terrorism, which is a common enemy for the whole world, but it don't receive an adequate response: many Western countries tend to present Moscow as their main enemy rather than terrorists, the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, said, answering a question from Vestnik Kavkaza.

"We trying to convince, we do it very qualitatively, but the question is whether it is generally accepted that only joint efforts are the cure for this terrorist pandemic that covers our world. We use the bilateral and international contacts for this purpose, promoting the idea in the United Nations very actively. I recall the initiative of the President of Russia, which was made a little less than two years ago, during the session of the UN General Assembly on the creation of broad front to combat terrorist threats," she recalled in the first place.

"We discuss it and make initiatives in all possible formats, we  also use public diplomacy, speaking directly about it to non-governmental organizations and civil society - because their word also matters. We do everything, but, unfortunately, we see that in the West is focused on their own situation, and rely on their own capabilities in tackling this global threat," Maria Zakharova noted.

The official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry stressed one more time that Russia believes that only the unification of efforts and collective interaction can bring the world closer to victory, or at least to sustainable success in the fight against international terrorism. "There are regular terrorist attacks in Europe, the West and the whole world, and we see a virtualized reaction of civil society very often: they change avatars, light up buildings with colors of flags, hold marches, demonstrations. It is very important, because it gives an informational message for a moral opposition to terrorism - but it is not enough," she stressed.

Representing Russia as a hostile state hinders the unification against international terrorism. "They present Russia as main enemy for many countries, and this virtual struggle with Russia is replacing a real fight against terrorism. All efforts are directed at trying to analyze the potential threat of 'aggressive Russia', while there is an enemy next to us and it takes hundreds of lives every day," the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

"The recent terrorist attack in Manchester is the most painful blow, a blow on children. The effect of such a terrorist attack is much higher than an attack on adults. But unfortunately, everything is concentrated on a virtual struggle against Russia. Until recently, terrorist organizations were called cells, but now we are dealing with a whole quasi-state that has declared itself a terrorist state," Maria Zakharova drew attention.

"Over recent years, terrorist groups have begun to unite at an insane speed and now they are claiming a place on the modern map of the world as a global structure. They recruit people and reinforce them an idea that it is not about rebel units but about domination first in one region, and then in the whole world. The question is that the evil is growing every day, but unfortunately, there is no real unification of efforts. But it does not mean that we will stop our attempts," the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.


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