Mariana Vasileva: I expect Azerbaijani gymnasts to perform even better at World Cup in Baku

Mariana Vasileva: I expect Azerbaijani gymnasts to perform even better at World Cup in Baku

Azerbaijani rhythmic gymnastics team highly motivated to win at the upcoming FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics World Cup in Baku on April 28-30 due to serious work done before the competition, the head coach of the Azerbaijani national rhythmic gymnastics team Mariana Vasileva said, speaking to Vestnik Kavkaza.

"Our group team works very well now, we already showed our performances twice at tournaments this year, and everything was done without big mistakes. The girls are very motivated and working seriously. I think we will expect good performances and good emotions from them. They have a great desire to show these exercises to their audience, their fans, and also great hopes that they will do it well," she said.

Marina Durunda will not participate in this Cup - she is training for the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, the European Championships and the World Championships. "It is important for us to preserve her health so that she could perform in full force at the biggest competitions. Instead of her, Azerbaijan in the individual program will be represented by Zuhra Agamirova, it will be her first performance at the World Cup. I think she set a goal for herself even higher that than I set a goal for her, but it's good. Jalya Pirieva will also perform," the head coach of the national team stressed.

Mariana Vasileva said that all the gymnasts will perform with new programs. "The group team will have two completely different exercises, the first one will be accompanied by the Uzbek singer Sevara Nazarkhan's soul song 'There is no me', a very emotional one. The second exercise will be completely different: modern and dynamic music. Zuhra Agamirova and Zhala Piriyeva will perform 4 exercises - with a hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon, a completely new program as well," she noted.

The head coach of the Azerbaijani gymnasts stressed that she sets just one goal for her wards - to win over oneself. "I expect that they will show an even better performance than at the last competition, which is not easy, of course. The group team performed already 8 times without any fails, but I think they will show that they can do even more and better," Mariana Vasileva concluded.


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