Marina Nekrasova: I'm happy about winning medals at 24th Mikhail Voronin Cup

Marina Nekrasova: I'm happy about winning medals at 24th Mikhail Voronin Cup

The 24th International Artistic Gymnastics Tournament Mikhail Voronin Cup in Moscow was completed. Russia's national team was the traditional leader in senior and junior competitions. Azerbaijan won two bronze medals, in the team competition and balance beam.

Azerbaijani athlete Marina Nekrasova, who won both medals, speaking with Vestnik Kavkaza, said that she is very happy about her last achievements in the outgoing year. "This is the end of the year, and we decided to try a new program. Within the World Cup I did not have enough points for complexity, and we decided to complicate the program for this tournament. Something was good, something wasn't, but I'm glad that I did it and won the third place in Moscow after the Russians," she said.

The coach of the Azerbaijani women's team in artistic gymnastics Gennady Khorkhakov noticed that this was the eighth international tournament for Azerbaijani gymnasts in this year. "It's hard, of course, and the girls are a bit tired, but it was necessary to finish the year. So Julia and Marina recollect themselves and performed well, won medals," he stressed.

Next year, the gymnast will also have a busy schedule. "The season will not be inferior to this season in complexity. The main starts are the European and World championships, the World Cup tournaments will bring them to us. We will continue to form the team and raise the level of performances. The nearest performances are the World Cup stage in Baku in March," Gennady Khurchyakov said.

Uzbek gymnast Oksana Chusovitina expressed gratitude to the organizers of the tournament for their invitation. "It's a pleasure to be here, and I am very glad that I won the vault competition and pleased the audience. Thank you all very much, I am very pleased with my performance," the athlete said.

According to her, strong rivals gathered at the tournament. "This year the main part of the Russian national team performed, that is, the gymnasts with whom I compete at the World Championships. It was very nice to see all of them, congratulate everyone on the coming New Year and wish everyone good health," Oksana Chusovitina said.


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