Mass protests launched by Armenian opposition

Mass protests launched by Armenian opposition

Opposition activists seeking the resignation of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan launched a national strike in the country today.

The opposition rally has started at Republic Square at 12:00 local time. During the rally, the opposition will close roads and set up tents.

Nikol Pashinyan beleives the "elite" deprived of power as a result of 2018 revolution wants revenge. "And it is not only about the political “elite” but about all who had privileges till 2018 and was deprived of them after 2018," the PM wrote on Facebook.

"Accordingly, the real confrontation is not between the government and the opposition but between the “elite” deprived of privileges in 2018 and the people. But in any case, the strong word is after the people because if the people say their word, the 'elites' will not be able to do anything," he added.


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