Media describes Russia's T-95 tank as nightmare for NATO

Media describes Russia's T-95 tank as nightmare for NATO

Russia's T-95 tank, which was a "tanker’s dream", could have been a "nightmare for NATO," according to The National Interest.

"Highly mobile, well armored, with firepower - lots of firepower. Equipped with a 152-millimeter main gun, the T-95 would have outclassed any other tank it faced," the article reads.

"With ammunition in the 152-millimeter class, not only would the gun’s range be greatly extended, but would, in theory, enjoy greater ammunition flexibility and logistical simplicity. 152 millimeters is a common artillery caliber, and by utilizing the same barrel diameter, the T-95 could potentially fire artillery shells in addition to tank-specific ammunition," The National Interest wrote.

Although only a few prototypes were ever built, some of the design features, including the high-output engine, tall turret with greater depression and elevation angles, were eventually incorporated into the T-14 Armata tank, the author believes.

"Had the T-95 entered serial production, it would have been a fearsome adversary," he concluded.


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