Meeting of presidents in Baku: Azerbaijan as a bridge between Russia and Iran

Meeting of presidents in Baku: Azerbaijan as a bridge between Russia and Iran

Today, Russia, Azerbaijan and Iran are connected by many aspects of regional life, and in this difficult time both in political, economical, and humanitarian fields, the countries must focus on issues of security, senior researcher of the Institute of Oriental Studies, candidate of historical sciences Yelena Dunaeva stated in an interview with Vestnik Kavkaza, commenting on the likely agenda of the planned meeting between presidents Vladimir Putin, Ilham Aliyev and Hassan Rouhani in Baku.

"First of all, there is no doubt that the leaders of three countries are concerned about the control of situation in the region and want to prevent the spread of extremism, terrorism and separatism. Both Iran and Russia are very concerned about the intensification of Islamist extremism, and I'm sure that Azerbaijan is also interested in resolving this problem," the expert noted.

The sides continue negotiations on the status of Caspian Sea. "For over 20 years the Caspian states develop convention on the legal status of Caspian Sea. Solution of many problems depends on it, particularly oil production and supplies of hydrocarbons via the Caspian region. There are also problems of environment and transport communication. A lot of things were accomplished in this direction, and since the last steps will largely depend on the position of Iran and Azerbaijan, Russia's influence as a historical user of this sea will not be useless," she pointed out.

Without a doubt the meeting in Baku will also discuss coordination of oil production policy. "The adoption of joint decisions that will help to increase oil prices can be mutually beneficial for all three countries," she believes.

Transport projects will also become an important part of the conversation. "Russia's routes with Iran mainly pass through the territory of Azerbaijan. Smooth transit via highways of Azerbaijan from Iran and Russia is one of the most urgent issues, without solving them, further economic cooperation between the three countries is impossible," she said.

"Azerbaijan is a bridge between Russia and Iran. The experience of historical interaction and contacts between cultures will help to establish, expand and ease the contacts between Russia and Iran with the assistance of Azerbaijan Republic," she concluded.


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