Mehriban Aliyeva reelected President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation

Mehriban Aliyeva reelected President of Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation

Azerbaijan’s First Lady, the president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Mehriban Aliyeva, has been unanimously re-elected as President of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation.

During the 6th general meeting of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation Public Union, which was hosted at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku, Altay Hasanov was re-elected as vice-president of the Gymnastics Federation, and Rauf Aliyev, Mariana Vasileva and Rafig Behbudov were elected as members of the Executive Committee of the Gymnastics Federation, Trend reports.

The main topics of the meeting’s agenda include the reelection of the current management staff of the Gymnastics Federation and a further action plan for the development of gymnastics in Azerbaijan.

The vice-president of the Federation, Altay Hasanov, presented a report on the past five years of work.

"If previously we had only four kinds of gymnastics, now we have seven. The First European Games in Baku provided a certain impetus to the development of all the disciplines. The National Gymnastics Arena has became a great base not only for the Azerbaijani team. Many foreign teams visit it on a regular basis. The European Games became a real breakthrough for Azerbaijani gymnastics. Oleg Stepko is the only athlete who managed to win five medals at the games. However, Marina Durunda won bronze at the Euro-2015, and then came second at the First European Games in Baku," Azerisport cited Hasanov as saying.

He also stressed that the Secretary-General of the Federation, Farid Gaibov, was elected the Vice-President of the European Union of Gymnastics.

Rauf Aliyev and Rafig Behbudov were reelected for the fourth time, while Mariana Vasileva became a member of the Executive Committee for the first time.


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