Merkel urges climate action in New Year message

Merkel urges climate action in New Year message

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is telling Germans in her New Year message that “everything humanly possible” must be done to tackle climate change.

“The warming of our Earth is real. It is threatening. It and the crises arising from global warming were caused by humans. So we must do everything humanly possible to deal with this challenge for humanity. That is still possible," she said.

Merkel said that was the principle behind a recently agreed German package of measures aimed at addressing climate change, which include a carbon dioxide pricing system for the transport and heating sectors and lowering value-added tax on long-distance rail tickets.

“It's true that, at 65, I am at an age where I personally won't experience all the consequences of climate change that would arise if politicians didn't act,” she said.

“It is our children and grandchildren who will have to live with the consequences of what we do or don't do today. So I am putting all my energy into Germany making its contribution — ecologically, economically, socially — to getting a grip on climate change," the AP cited her as saying.

“Europe must raise its voice more strongly in the world,” Merkel said, pledging to work for that during the EU presidency. 


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