Migration of Armenian people to Russia begins?

Migration of Armenian people to Russia begins?

Russia's border with Armenia will open on February 1.  According to a number of experts, it could result in a "great resettlement" of the Armenian citizens against the background of the country's most difficult economic situation.

On January 20, it was reported that citizens of Armenia will be able to travel to Russia by air starting from February 1, if they have negative test results for COVID-19.

"I can say for sure that next month will be marked with an unprecedented emigration. Proud citizens of the Republic of Armenia will start emigrating tomorrow in large groups and families to other cities of Russia, replacing positions in the Russian service sector," head of VETO Narek Malyan wrote on his Facebook page on Sunday.

In his opinion, this is how "the largest migration in the history of Armenia" will begin.

"I am sure that Armenian emigrants from Rostov, Pskov, Vladikavkaz and other Russian secondary cities will continue to teach patriotism to our people living in their homeland, forcing them to love Nikola with his backpack," Malyan writes.

"I think from now on it would be natural to mark February 1 as the day of a proud citizen (of Armenia) voting with his feet," he said.


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