Mikhail Leontyev at Vesti FM: The West won’t spoil relations between Moscow and Baku

Mikhail Leontyev at Vesti FM: The West won’t spoil relations between Moscow and Baku

The reason for increasing criticism of Azerbaijan by Western countries is the failure of their attempts to spoil relations between Moscow and Baku, well-known Russian political analyst Mikhail Leontiev told Vesti FM during the program Start with Giorgi Saralidze and Alexandra Pisareva.

Answering the presenters’ question about President Ilham Aliyev’s harsh statement in respect of the European Union, the expert expressed the opinion that it was a legitimate and justified reaction to the actions of Brussels. 

"It means that the Azerbaijani leadership has found a completely anti-Azerbaijani propaganda public activity in Europe. I guess they have information about non-public activities,’’ Leontiev said.

''Probably Azerbaijan disappointed them very much. They apparently hoped that Azerbaijan wouldn’t support Russia and that the conflict with Armenia is a very convenient and reliable tool to spoil relations. They are not satisfied, because they wanted more. These people overthrew Shevardnadze, although he supported them and showed a willingness to cooperate, but received just such "gratitude." Ilham Aliyev is not a Shevardnadze,’’ the analyst added.

Earlier in a radio broadcast of the program Questions of the Day with Giorgi Saralidze and Elena Schedrunova, the Director of the Caucasiology Center of  of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Ismail Agakishiev, underlined that in the international arena Azerbaijan is pursuing an independent foreign policy, which is based on the principle of equality of all parties.


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