Mikhail Myagkov: fact that Great Victory was common victory must be emphasized

Mikhail Myagkov: fact that Great Victory was common victory must be emphasized

The fight against oblivion of the general contribution of the peoples of the Soviet Union to the Great Victory is needed - Director of the Russian Military-Historical Society Mikhail Myagkov told the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza on the sidelines of chairman of the supervisory board of the Russian Military-Historical Society Sergey Ivanov's press conference dedicated to the "80th Anniversary of the Outbreak of World War II: From Versailles to Gleiwitz".

"Today, the history of the Great Patriotic War and the Second World War is falsified in many countries of Eastern Europe and, which is very sad, in the former Soviet countries. For example, in Ukraine they try to present the Great Patriotic War not as a heroic feat of the peoples, but as a war of Bandera supporters, outright criminals, against Hitler and against Stalin. They forget the memory of the millions of Ukrainians who died in the Great Patriotic War, defending their Homeland, defending Ukraine," he noted in the first place.

"There is the same growth of neo-Nazism in the Baltics. This is very dangerous, the seeds of Nazism, which we seemed to have destroyed in 1945, are growing again," the historian added.

"Of course, there are countries both in the former USSR and in Eastern Europe, where the memory of the Great Patriotic War is sacredly kept. For example, Belarus. Veterans occupy a very honorable place in Azerbaijan and Armenia. It is very important to remember that all Soviet peoples fought against common enemy, and that is why they won," Mikhail Myagkov stressed.

The Director of the Russian Military-Historical Society expressed regret that the situation in Georgia is somewhat different. "The Georgian elite has also started to falsify history. This is an information war against both modern Russia and the former USSR in order to free up space for their propaganda, make Russia an outcast," he said.

"The task of the Russian Military-Historical Society is, first of all, preserving memory, that is, honoring the memory of the dead, preserving monuments, erecting new ones, preventing vandalism. We are ready to help with legal assistance on these tasks," Mikhail Myagkov said.

"And, of course, the common memory of the joint struggle should be emphasized. We can write books and articles, produce films. The Russian Military-Historical Society released a lot of films recently devoted to the Great Patriotic War - Panfilov's 28 Men, Battle for Sevastopol, a documentary film about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya will be released soon. Kosmodemyanskaya is a hero not only of Moscow, but of the whole USSR. Every soldier of any nationality fighting in the Great Patriotic War knew about Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya and her feat. And now we must tell that all our peoples have achieved Great Victory together, and then it will be easier for us to confront modern threats in terms of history," the Director of the Russian Military-Historical Society concluded.


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