Mikhail Neyzhmakov: Resettlement of Lebanese refugees to Karabakh harms Pashinyan

 Mikhail Neyzhmakov: Resettlement of Lebanese refugees to Karabakh harms Pashinyan

Resetllement of refugees from Lebanon to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan will not bring any significant benefits to the Armenian Prime Minister, on the contrary, it will only harm the Armenian authorities for a number of reasons. Mikhail Neyzhmakov, a leading analyst at the Agency of Political and Economic Communications, told Vestnik Kavkaza correspondent.

First of all, he drew attention to the fact that few Lebanese, despite the loss of housing and livelihood in their homeland, would agree to live in the occupied Azerbaijani lands. 

"Still, this is a problematic territory in the socio-economic respect. In fact, many representatives, for example, of the Armenian community of Syria, who moved to Armenia after 2011, eventually did not stay there (probably, preferring further migration to countries where there are more job opportunities)," the expert noted.

Thus, Nikol Pashinyan will not succeed in achieving the goals he sought by resettling the Lebanese to Karabakh, since people, after living there for a short time, will simply leave. 

On the other hand, for the Prime Minister of Armenia, the growing publicity of this topic brings certain risks. 

"He has repeatedly spoken about the importance of working with diasporas, focusing more on this topic at least since August of 2019. However, one of the laws of politics is that the more the leadership pays attention to any topic, the more his opponents try to discredit him using this point. Objectively, the Pashinyan government has little resources to help the Armenian community of Lebanon," Mikhail Neyzhmakov explained.


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