Ministry of North Caucasus to support business in North Caucasus Federal District

Ministry of North Caucasus to support business in North Caucasus Federal District

The Ministry of the North Caucasus and the Federal Corporation for the Development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises will develop a 'roadmap' to support small and medium-sized business in the North Caucasian Federal District by April 1, 2016, the Ministry's press service said.

The 'roadmap' should be developed in all regions of the country by April 1st. It is designed to be a tool for increasing business activity in the North Caucasus Federal District with the use of tax and non-tax incentives, as well as to improve the efficiency of regional development institutions and business support, 'This is the Caucasus' portal reports with reference to the Ministry of the North Caucasus.

Following the development of the 'roadmap', the corporation will sign an agreement with each region of the North Caucasus Federal District. 

The head of Ingushetia, Yunus-bek Yevkurov, in conversation with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza noted that this question was discussed with the Minister Lev Kuznetsov. "Support for small and medium-sized businesses means the preservation of jobs and manufactured products, but the most important area is in import substitution, because the products manufactured by small and medium-sized enterprises are better and cheaper," he stressed.

Yevkurov said that the meeting to support small and medium-sized businesses was held yesterday, it approved the plan of priority measures for 2016-2017. "First of all, the agro-industrial complex will be supported, so the food security is consistent with the conditions and needs of the population. The second direction is the construction sector. A lot of building materials are imported to Ingushetia now, so now we need to minimize deliveries, except of metal structures and cement, and produce it in Ingushetia. The third direction is a common field of small and medium-sized businesses, including legal counseling, private schools, printed materials and so on," the head of Ingushetia said.

A senior researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research of RANEPA, Constantine Kazenin, drew attention to the need to bring business out of the shadows. "In general, the government would help if it stops interfering in business – after all, there is a large number of entrepreneurs in the Caucasian regions, who are able to survive on their own, without any state support. It is very important to just let people live through the crisis and not increase pressure on existing business. Another thing is that a large part of it is in the shadows. The problem exists in both the agricultural and light industry spheres. It makes sense to help them to move to the 'white' area, but we need to make it as comfortable as possible and without losses," he said.


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