Moscow Court fines ex-senator Dzhabrailov $8,400

Moscow Court fines ex-senator Dzhabrailov $8,400

Moscow’s Tverskoy Court has ruled to fine former senator Umar Dzhabrailov 500,000 rubles ($8,400) for shooting in the Four Seasons hotel in downtown Moscow.

"To find Dzhabrailov guilty and fine him 500,000 rubles," TASS cited the judge as saying.

In addition, the court ordered to transfer the MP-443 Grach to the Department of Internal Affairs and destroy the shells confiscated during the shooting before the sentence enters into force.

Dzhabrailov himself noted that he is quite "satisfied with the verdict."

Tverskoy Court studied his case under a special procedure, that is without studying evidence or questioning witnesses. During the oral argument, the prosecutor requested the court to give the defendant a suspended sentence of two years. Dzhabrailov repented of the incident and asked the court to rule the fine only. He had been earlier fined 4,000 rubles ($67) by Tverskoy Court for drug taking.

In the evening of August 29, Dzhabrailov opened fire at the Four Seasons hotel. He was brought to a police station and later released on his own recognizance. He was charged with conducting a crime under Part 1 Article 213 of the Russian Criminal Code ("Disorderly conduct with the use of weapons or objects used for weapons").


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