Moscow State University marks 265 anniversary

Moscow State University marks 265 anniversary

The main Russian university - Moscow State University named after Lomonosov - marks 265 years since its foundation as well as the Students Day today.

Moscow State University (MSU) is a coeducational and public research university located in Moscow, Russia. It was founded on January 23, 1755, by Mikhail Lomonosov. The decree on its establishment as official educational institution was signed by Russian Empress Elizaveta on January 25.

Moscow State has educated many notable alumni including leaders of the Soviet Union and other governments as well as a Patriarch of Russian Orthodoxy. It is widely considered the most prestigious university in the former Soviet Union and it is highly competitive.

As of 2019, 13 Nobel laureates, 6 Fields Medal winners and 1 Turing Award winner have been affiliated with the university. According to the 2019 QS World University Rankings, it is the highest-ranking Russian educational institution and according to the Nature Index, it is highest ranking Russian university for research output.

As of September 2009, the university has 39 faculties and 15 research centres. A number of small faculties have been opened recently, such as Faculty of Physics and Chemistry and Higher School of Television. Evening classes are conducted by the Faculties of Economics, History, Journalism, Philology, Psychology and Sociology while the Faculty of Journalism offers a correspondence degree program.

The university offers classes on its main campus not only in Moscow, but also on campuses in Armenia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan. These include the Puschino MSU campus, Podmoskovny MSU campus, Chernomorsky MSU campus and Kazakhstan MSU campus.