Moscow braces for longest snowfall since 2018

Moscow braces for longest snowfall since 2018

A heavy snowfall will begin in Moscow on Thursday and will continue for about three days, Research Director of the Russian state weather service Roman Vilfand said.

"A powerful snowfall will begin on Thursday afternoon and will last until February 13-14. The amount of fallen snow will be huge, and it will keep falling and falling without cease. A real snow collapse - nothing of this kind occurred in recent years," he said. "A similar situation was registered between February 3 and 5, 2018," TASS cited him as saying.

Vilfand estimates that the depth of snow in the Russian capital may increase to 50-55 cm as a result, nearing record-high figures. For example, the thickest-ever snow layer ever registered in Moscow on February 14 was 60 cm.