Moscow holds 3rd meeting of Young Professionals Club

Moscow holds 3rd meeting of Young Professionals Club

The third meeting of the Young Professionals Club titled "Post-Soviet space in the modern system of geopolitical coordinates" opened in Moscow today.

The head of the Lomonosov MSU Center for Caucasus Studies, Ismail Agakishiyev, congratulated the participants of the meeting and noted the high importance of these communication platforms, encouraging young professionals to build a dialogue on a friendly basis.

The Executive Director of the Political Science Center North-South, Yulia Yakusheva, said that such a format of the event allows contacts to be built between young professionals from the CIS countries, to discuss and find common ground on the most important subjects.

The current state and prospects of a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis were discussed in the framework of the panel discussion of the political scientist Alexander Gushchin. The expert noted that the Ukrainian crisis is a multi-faceted set of issues related not only to relations between Moscow and Kiev, but also Russia and the United States. But the root of the problem is not external influences, but the domestic political situation in Ukraine – external forces only skillfully took advantage of the situation, he said.

"Now we are waiting to see whether the Minsk Agreements will be implemented. At the moment, none of them have been implemented. By the end of 2015, it is clear, none of the political points will be implemented," the expert noted.

The program of the first day of the meeting of the club includes a training session titled "Rarely latched accents in the understanding of analysis", an interactive panel discussion titled "The post-Soviet political elites" and a round table titled "Modern political processes in the CIS: Trends and Prospects."

The project is implemented by the Political Science Center North-South with the support of the Russian Union of Youth (RUY).


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