Moscow restaurants begin working in COVID-free mode using QR codes

Moscow restaurants begin working in COVID-free mode using QR codes

The experiment on the work of catering establishments in a "coronavirus-free" format becomes an indefinite rule in Moscow starting from June 28. Now restaurants and cafes can only accept people vaccinated against COVID-19, those who have recovered within the last six months, or people with a negative PCR test valid for three days, according to the decree of the Moscow mayor.

"The ‘coronavirus-free’ regime becomes a uniform rule for all catering establishments in Moscow, which will help us to protect ourselves, our families, and others. The proposal to operate restaurants in the COVID-free mode came from Moscow entrepreneurs and was implemented on June 21 as an experiment. From this Monday on, this mechanism applies to all catering establishments in the capital," First Deputy Chief of the Mayor Staff and Moscow Government Alexey Nemeryuk, who heads the capital's department of trade and services, explained to TASS.

Nemeryuk clarified that it takes a few seconds to check the QR code of a visitor, under a smartphone camera the screen displays information that the certificate is valid, and its owner's data - the surname, initials, and several passport numbers for verification with real documents.

Nemeryuk added that catering establishments that cannot check guests’ QR codes are allowed to operate only for takeaway or delivery starting from June 28. At the same time, customers buying food and drinks for takeaway will not need QR codes, they will be able to pick up their orders at the entrance. At the same time, waiters, hostesses, bartenders, and other employees will continue to wear gloves and masks.


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