Moscow retaliates against Ukraine’s anti-Russian sanctions

Moscow retaliates against Ukraine’s anti-Russian sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on special economic measures in response to the anti-Russian sanctions of Ukraine.

The decision was made "in response to Ukraine’s unfriendly actions, which are contrary to the international law and imply introduction of restrictive measures against citizens and legal entities of the Russian Federation", as well as "in order to protect national interests," according to the decree published on the official website of the Kremlin.

The Russian government has been instructed to make up the lists of individuals and legal entities special economic measures are targeted at, as well as to determine "special economic measures applicable to individuals and legal entities."

Under the decree, the federal agencies, regional and local authorities should proceed from the fact that from the day the decree comes into force special economic measures are applied to the sanctioned individuals and entities.

It is noted that the document enters into force on the date of its signing. The decree can be cancelled by the decision of the Russian Federation in case Ukraine abolishes its restrictive measures imposed on citizens and legal entities of Russia.