Most psychologically resistant people to Covid-19 pandemic identified

Most psychologically resistant people to Covid-19 pandemic identified

Specialists of the psychology section of the Department of Medical Sciences of the University of Florence have identified the most psychologically resistant type of people to the coronavirus pandemic. The article was published on the Science Direct website.

In order to identify the relationship between psychopathy and well-being in quarantine, scientists conducted a survey. Respondents completed a questionnaire to measure psychopathic personality traits and their perception of risk of infection, after which their level of well-being during isolation was analyzed. A total of 619 people participated in the sample, whose average age was 31.3 years.

According to the results of the study, it turned out that the most resistant to the pandemic were those who are characterized by recklessness, arrogance and a tendency to meanness. These people experienced lower stress levels during isolation. At the same time, respondents with an unstable psyche (disinhibition is attributed to them in the study) and mood swings felt worse, RIA Novosti reported.


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