Murad Ustarov on Vesti.FM: Dagestanis have repeatedly confirmed their loyalty to Russia

Murad Ustarov on Vesti.FM: Dagestanis have repeatedly confirmed their loyalty to Russia

Hundred years ago, the Soviet regime reigned in Dagestan, an analyst of Vestnik Kavkaza, Murad Ustarov told Natsvopros Program on Vesti.FM today.

Natsvopros is a weekly program on Vesti.FM, during which various aspects of ethnic relations, primarily in Russia, are discussed. Today's program was dedicated to the centenary of the Dagestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic’s creation within Russia’s borders.

"The acquisition of statehood as part of Russia became a powerful basis of economic and cultural development of the republic. The Dagestanis themselves were enthusiastic about the news of the Dagestan ASSR’s creation, expressing their loyalty to Russia. The inhabitants of the Republic confirmed their loyalty during the ’90s when the country was threatened by international gangs. The peoples of Dagestan showed an example of courage and friendship. Dagestanis, together with the troops of the Russian Defense Ministry, gave a worthy rebuff to the terrorists. This was repeatedly confirmed by the Russian president,” the expert noted.

“However, the republic entered the new century with social contradictions that increase tensions in society. The growth of socio-economic problems, corruption, everyday terrorist attacks, problems with the education of young people, ecology- all this negatively affected the external appearance of Dagestan. But the republic was able to go through the crisis. The Dagestanis managed to reduce the level of terrorism in the republic, that was the main victory of the people. Today's, compared to the ’90s and ’00s, the situation in Dagestan has noticeably improved, "Murad Ustarov emphasized.

"Tourism began to develop rapidly. Now the republic is experiencing a tourist boom, attracting more and more guests all year round. The government of the republic defined tourism as a strategic budget-forming sector of the economy. The climatic conditions and historical heritage of Dagestan provide unique opportunities for the development of different tourism sectors: beach, water, ski, ethnic, ecological and health-tourism,” the expert said.

"The situation with Covid-19 in the republic is currently changing for the better, but in the first half of 2020, Dagestan appeared not to be ready for a new global threat. The pandemic hit the republic almost as bad as Italy. In fact, the main problem of 2020 in Dagestan was a fight against coronavirus, which, by the middle of the year, started to bring positive results.

Thus, despite all the socio-economic problems in the republic and the disagreements that exist in society, Dagestan is ready to confidently move into the future. The Dagestanis themselves, having a glorious past, were able to preserve their mentality, culture and languages,” Murad Ustarov concluded.