Murder in Yerevan, suspect is victim’s son-in-law

Murder in Yerevan, suspect is victim’s son-in-law

A murder with the use of firearm was committed in Yerevan this morning.

At about 5:20am local time, police and 911 emergency hotline received reports that a man's dead body was found near the apartment entrance of a building, reported.

Police and investigators who arrived found the dead body of Artur Margaryan, 47, a resident of this building, with a gunshot wound on his body. A large number of capsules fired from a machine gun were also found at the scene.

According to the source, police and investigators apprehended Yerevan resident Gor Ter-Yesayan, 35, on suspicion of committing the murder. He had previously worked in the police. A criminal case has been opened.

Those gathered at the scene said the murder suspect is the son-in-law of the victim.