NATO: Turkey faces consequences if purchase of S-400 completed

NATO: Turkey faces consequences if purchase of S-400 completed

Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee, Gen. Petr Pavel, has warned of "necessary consequences" for Turkey should the alliance member purchase Russia's S-400 air-defense system.

He said that Turkey’s planned buy of the S-400 system would preclude Anakara from being part of any integrated air-defense system with NATO allies, and may result in other technical restrictions.

"The principal of sovereignty obviously exists in acquisition of defense equipment, but the same way that nations are sovereign in making their decision, they are also sovereign in facing the consequences of that decision,"  Defense News cited Pavel as saying.

While Turkey announced its choice of the S-400 in September, Ankara has yet to sign final paperwork on the deal, and until they do, Pavel said it is "fair among allies to have that discussion, to raise all concerns and potential difficulties".

Other concerns raised by Pavel about the system were “most security” focused, noting that even if NATO missile defense systems are not integrated with the S-400, its mere presence “creates challenges for allied assets potentially deployed onto the territory of that country.”

Still, Pavel said Turkey remains a key part of NATO, even as outside groups have raised concerns that the government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is sliding away from democracy.


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