Naryshkin: France cannot circumvent parliament's anti-sanctions stance

 Naryshkin: France cannot circumvent parliament's anti-sanctions stance

France's authorities cannot circumvent the parliament's opinion, Russian lower house speaker Sergei Naryshkin said, commenting on the French parliament's recent adoption of a resolution calling to ease anti-Russia sanctions.

He underlined that while the senate's resolution serves as a recommendation, "the government cannot bypass the opinion of parliamentarians."

"Of course, I consider this decision to be positive. I said that opposition to anti-Russian rhetoric, Russophobia is growing among European politicians and lawmakers. The French Senate's decision is part of this trend," Sputnik cited Naryshkin as saying.

Recall, French senators voted in favor of the resolution, while 16 votedagainst the initiative.The resolution proposed by the opposition calls on the French government to protest extension of EU sanctions against Moscow. Although the resolution is not legally binding, the document will be sent to the French government for consideration.


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