National Hero of Azerbaijan: Armenia realizes that it has lost

National Hero of Azerbaijan: Armenia realizes that it has lost

The missile attack on Ganja is undoubtedly a pre-planned action against Azerbaijan, the purpose of which is to sow panic, bring discord in society and destroy the unity between the government and the people in the Karabakh conflict, the national hero of Azerbaijan, retired colonel-lieutenant Vahid Guliyev said in an interview with the correspondent of Vestnik Kavkaza.

"This is another provocation carried out over the past few days. Probably, Armenia already understands its defeat, this is evident from the reports of desertion and numerous facts of demoralization in the ranks of the Armenian military. Pashinyan feels that this is the end,” the National Hero of Azerbaijan shared his opinion.

He further noted that the shelling of peaceful cities is designed for a similar response from Azerbaijan to involve Armenia's CSTO allies into the conflict.

"The failure on the battlefield in Karabakh spreads panic in the Armenian society and the ranks of the Armenian army. Therefore, he is trying in every possible way to involve third countries, in particular Russia, in the occupation policy," he said.

Guliyev also drew attention to the fact that over the past four years, the Armenian side has systematically provoked Azerbaijan with attacks. This happened in 2016 and in July this year, which is expensive for Yerevan. "The April battle in 2016 radically changed the military alignment in the conflict - the Azerbaijani people began to trust their army even more," he said, stressing that Azerbaijan’s current counter-offensive operation has become an indicator of the unity of people, the president and the army.

Then, commenting on the strikes of the Armenian Armed Forces on peaceful Ganja, Guliyev pointed out that the purpose of this monstrous action is to break down the people. "However, as the Ganja residents say, we die when we sleep, but we want to die in a battle against Armenians. The people are not broken despite the tragedy, and they do not react to provocations. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has a strong political will and we fight against not Armenian civilians but the occupying army. We will go the whole hog without any hesitation. After all, there will be no trace of Pashinyan's power, " the serviceman said.

As for the air defence systems, in his opinion, they are used at the proper level. However, the enemy is attacking with a large number of ballistic missiles, and not only in Ganja - the territory to which the strikes are directed is wide - this is Mingachevir, Baku and other regions. "Many of them are destroyed in the air, but systems may not notice some of the shells. It is the barbaric army, and their military command as well as Prime Minister Pashinyan lost their minds and no longer pay attention to the international laws," the national hero of Azerbaijan said, expressing confidence that this will not last long, ”there will be an end to them”.