National Team of Azerbaijan at the European Championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Holon: ‘‘We ready for victories’’

National Team of Azerbaijan at the European Championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Holon: ‘‘We ready for victories’’

The key goal of the national team of Azerbaijan in rhythmic gymnastics at the upcoming European Championship, which is to take place on June 17-19th in Holon, Israel is to show how well the team of Azerbaijan has developed in this kind of sports in recent years, as well as to prove that the Azerbaijani gymnasts are among the world leaders. The head coach of Azerbaijani national rhythmic gymnastics, Mariana Vasileva, said in an interview with a ‘Vestnik Kavkaza’ correspondent.

"Our national team always intends to show how intensively artistic gymnastics is being developing in Azerbaijan during the past few years. It worth noting that we are among the leading countries,’’ she added.

The Head coach explained that the upcoming European Championship is a significant event for her team. ‘‘All competitions are extremely important for us because they are stages of our preparation. As soon as one event comes to an end the other begins. The European Championship is one of the last two steps on the way to the Olympic Games in Rio,’’ Mariana Vasileva noted.

The head coach also told about changes in the composition of the team leaders in comparison with the last European Championship. "Marina Durunda and Jala Piriyeva will perform as seniors. Aisha Bayramova will also take part in the Championship, but now he represents Azerbaijan in the group team. As for juniors, Zohra Agamirova, Ilaha Mammadova and Veronica Gudis will make first appearance on the stage. Daria Sorokina is a reserve gymnast," she noted. The head coach also said that Jala Piriyeva will perform as a senior.

She drew attention to the fact that every Azerbaijan’s performance both in individual and in group competition dedicated to a specific topic, which will be fully disclosed during a minute and a half.

Vice-President of the European Union of Gymnastics, Gymnastics Federation Secretary General Farid Gaibov pointed out the importance of this championship for the Azerbaijani team. "Of course, both in European, and the world championships are important for us, but it is important to note that it is the last championship before the summer Olympic Games,’’ he explained.

‘‘Besides Marina Durunda, Jala Piriyeva will also perform as a senior at the championship for the first time. Prior to that, she performed among juniors and won medals at the European Championships. Then junior team will compete to reach the final. In general, each athlete has its own tasks, and, of course, the European championship is very important for us,’’ Farid Gaibov concluded.


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