Netanyahu cautions Hamas against escalation after halting Qatar aid

Netanyahu cautions Hamas against escalation after halting Qatar aid

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Hamas Wednesday of a "lethal" reaction to any renewed violence along the Gaza border, a day after he block aid to the southern enclave in response to the wounding of an Israeli soldier, i24NEWS reported.

Weeks of relative calm in the Gaza Strip ended Tuesday when Israeli soldiers were fired on along the border with the enclave in two separate incidents.

An officer was lightly wounded when a bullet hit his helmet. In response, Israeli tanks struck two Hamas positions in Gaza, killing one militant. Israeli overnight also warplanes struck an additional site said to be a Hamas military camp in northern Gaza. 

Netanyahu also halted the transfer of $15 million in Qatari aid that was expected in Gaza on Wednesday- almost two weeks after the payment was originally scheduled to arrive. 

"Maybe there is someone in Gaza who thinks he can stick his head up; I suggest that they understand that the response will be lethal and very painful," Netanyahu said during a visit to the Shizafon army base in southern Israel. 

"We are ready for any scenario and escalation," he said at the military exercise event, as quoted by his office.


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