Netanyahu doesn't rule out complete lockdown of Israel

Netanyahu doesn't rule out complete lockdown of Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said there would be “no avoiding” a complete lockdown of the country without a decrease in the rate of new coronavirus infections.

“If we do not see an immediate improvement in the trendline there will be no avoiding a full closure,” Netanyahu said in televised remarks. “(The decision) is a matter of a few days (away). And we are making all of the preparations for it," Reuters cited him as saying.

Citizens hoping for a stroll or jog were instructed earlier to stay within 100 metres of their homes for a week under tightened restrictions to curb the contagion.

The new restrictions further reduced public transport, required employers to check workers for fever and set sanctions for people who defy rules.

Israelis have been instructed to stay home where possible, schools have been shut and many businesses have closed, prompting more than 500,000 lay-offs.

Israel has seen five deaths and close to 2,400 cases so far.


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