New AY.4.2 COVID-19 variant can be spread to 9 people per infection

New AY.4.2 COVID-19 variant can be spread to 9 people per infection

A new AY.4.2 coronavirus variant which is a subtype of the Delta strain is characterized by its higher contagiousness - one carrier can infect nine people during a single infection. Additionally, symptoms from the new subtype display quicker, experts note.

"Literally yesterday in the Russian Federation <…> the AY.4.2 line emerged (a mutation of the coronavirus Delta strain) and, according to the first evaluations by scientists who encountered this agent for the first time, it is even more contagious compared to that Delta that is currently circulating in the Russian Federation. It is presumed that [it] is more contagious by 15%, that is, now we will approach a line where one person will infect up to nine people," Deputy Director for Research of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing Alexander Gorelov told the Doctor TV channel on Thursday.

Chief non-resident pulmonology expert of the Russian Health Ministry Andrey Malyavin noted that the new mutation is more contagious and has a rapid development of symptoms. "More people experience a moderate, severe and highly severe form. A very quick development of symptoms. And children began to get sick," TASS cited the expert as saying.

Earlier, Kamil Khafizov, who heads a research group developing new diagnostic methods for human diseases at the Central Scientific Research Institute of Epidemiology of the sanitary watchdog reported that the isolated cases of the new AY.4.2 coronavirus variant, a subtype of the Delta strain, had been uncovered in Russia. According to him, the emergence of the new variant may give an additional impulse to the increase in incidence in Russia.


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