New rules for taxis takes effect in Tbilisi

New rules for taxis takes effect in Tbilisi

New rules will come into effect for taxis today in Tbilisi.

Holders of category A licenses have the right to pick up passengers on the street – they must have four doors and a trunk, be left-hand drive vehicles and also must have already passed mandatory technical inspections. In addition, category A taxis should have a sign with the inscription ‘TAXI Tbilisi’ visible on their vehicle.

Category A taxis will enjoy free parking in special areas designated for taxis. Category A taxis are also required to be the colour white, reported.

Category B license holders are permitted to work for taxi applications such as Bolt and provide their services to the Tbilisi population; they are not allowed to take passengers directly from the street.

Category B taxi drivers are exempt from the demand that taxis in the city be white. They also are not required to install lights on their vehicles.

Right-hand drive vehicles are allowed to work as category B taxis until January 1, 2021.


Vestnik Kavkaza

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