Nikol Pashinyan steps down

Nikol Pashinyan steps down

Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan tendered his resignation on Sunday in order to hold early parliamentary elections in the republic, TASS reports.

In his live address on Facebook page, the politician announced plans to continue fulfilling his duties as the prime minister until the polls.

"According to an agreement with the president and political forces, today I’m stepping down in order to hold early parliamentary polls on June 20. The parliament won’t choose the new prime minister twice, after which the legislature will be dissolved under the law and snap elections will be set," he said.

Meanwhile, Pashinyan noted that despite the acting prime minister’s status he would fulfill his duties in full. "Until holding early elections, I will fully comply with the prime minister’s duties according to the constitution and laws," he said.

Pashinyan will be a candidate for the head of Armenia’s cabinet from the Civil Contract party at the early parliamentary elections.

"I want to stress that our party, Civil Contract, will take part in the early elections. I will be a candidate for the prime minister. If people decide that I should resign as the prime minister, I will do their will and if they want me to continue my job as the prime minister, I will also do people’s will," he said.


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