"No need to rush": Turkey on recognising Taliban

"No need to rush": Turkey on recognising Taliban

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said there was "no need to rush" in recognising the Taliban movement's (outlawed in Russia) rule in Afghanistan, adding that Ankara was still holding discussions about operating Kabul's strategic airport.

In a wide-ranging television interview, Cavusoglu sounded a cautious note about Turkey's future relations with the fundamentalist group.

He said Afghanistan's new government needed to be "inclusive", adding that women and a range of ethnic groups should be given ministerial posts.

Cavusoglu said the international community should take a wait-and-see approach before recognising its rule, NDTV reported.

"There is no need to rush," he said. "This is our advice to the entire world. We should act together with the international community."