No second wave of coronavirus infection in Moscow - mayor

No second wave of coronavirus infection in Moscow - mayor

Moscow residents will have a few coronavirus vaccines to choose from, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Thursday, TASS reports.

"We now have our own vaccine, which means that there will be an opportunity to get the real vaccine in civil circulation. This is great," he said. "I am certain that more vaccines will come out in the coming months. People will have a choice which vaccine to use."

He noted that the world faced a true danger, adding that people have two options: either get vaccinated or contract coronavirus sooner or later, while the vaccine distribution system is safe because specialists have analogues of flu vaccines that give 95% success with minimal complications.

"In reality, the problem of the coming months is that there won’t be enough vaccines rather than that someone will be forced to get vaccinated, this is not a problem at all. In the beginning, there will be a huge deficit until their production will be rolled out on an industrial scale to produce millions of doses," the mayor said.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that Russia had become the first country in the world to register a coronavirus vaccine. The Russian vaccine’s protective properties will remain in place for at least two years from the time of injection.