Nord Stream 2 must be completed, Angela Merkel says

Nord Stream 2 must be completed, Angela Merkel says

The meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel was useful and meaningful, ”Russian President Vladimir Putin said after the negotiations with the German leader.

"During the substantive and useful negotiations that took place today, we discussed the key issues of bilateral relations in politics, economy, cultural and humanitarian sphere," Putin said.

“We spoke, of course, about the Nord Stream project. It is legitimized in the new European legislation, we need to finish it. Germany and other European countries benefit from the Nord Stream. Everyone is interested in diversifying their gas supplies, but this a very important project,” Merkel said.

"This is primarily an economic project, we believe it is necessary ... I believe that after the discussion that Nord Stream-2 can still be completed despite the sanctions, the Russian president called the deadlines, there is some delay, but it’s really possible to complete the project. I want to repeat that despite all political contradictions with the United States, we do not consider extraterritorial sanctions to be correct, and therefore we support this project as before, in fact, it is an economic project,” Merkel noted.

“Russia appreciates Germany’s responsible position in supporting the Nord Stream-2 project,” Vladimir Putin said. 

“Russia and Germany implement a number of large joint projects in the energy field,” he stressed.

Russia will be able to complete the pipeline’s construction without attracting foreign partners, the only question is the timing, ” the President of the Russian Federation said.

"Yes, we will certainly be able to complete it without attracting foreign partners. The question is the timing. This is the only question that arises in this regard," Putin said, answering a question about the prospects for completing the project.