North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversees new test launches of missiles

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un oversees new test launches of missiles

North Korea conducted more tests of new weapons in the presence of President Kim Jong-un, TASS reported citing North Korea’s Central News Agency (KCNA).

"Juche shells were fired in the presence of the Supreme Leader," KCNA reported on late Friday.

"The national defense scientists showed a perfect result in the test-fire, too, and helped cement bigger confidence in this weapon system," according to KCNA.

"Our party has strictly maintained the principles of self-reliance and Juche in national defense building, and recently set forth a strategic policy on the direction of the development of the Juche-oriented national defense building based on our own science, technology and strength to meet the needs of the developing situation, he [North Korean leader Kim Jong-un] said," the agency added.

Kyodo news agency reported on Friday that North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles from the country’s eastern coast into the Sea of Japan.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff announced on Friday that the launches were conducted from Tongcheon County, Gangwon Province. The missiles covered an estimate distance of 230 kilometers, at the altitude of 30 kilometers reportedly reaching the maximum speed of over Mach 6.1.

According to KCNA, new launches on Friday were Pyongyang’s sixth since July 25, seeing the North continue a pattern of regular testing not seen since 2017.