Nurmagomedov: 'I am Khabib, not coronavirus'

Nurmagomedov: 'I am Khabib, not coronavirus'

Lightweight Champion of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Khabib Nurmagomedov doesn’t understand why he’s become the fall guy for the disaster that has become UFC 249 and his ill-fated lightweight title fight with Tony Ferguson.

Since confirming his withdrawal Wednesday, Nurmagomedov has taken the brunt of criticism from fans, as well as Ferguson, for a fifth cancellation of the matchup between rivals. UFC 249 was supposed to take place April 18 in Brooklyn, N.Y., but the coronavirus pandemic has caused a mad scramble to find a new location for the card while keeping the same date, MMA Junkie reported.
On his Instagram, Khabib said: "My name is Khabib. I am not coronavirus. Dana is Dana. Tony Ferguson is Tony Ferguson."

"All (airport gates) closed. Russian gate is closed, U.S. gate is closed – everywhere is closed. All people sit at home – government, famous people even Dana (White). Where is Dana? Everybody stay home. Everybody in quarantine. All government, all presidents, all famous people. Everybody say, ‘Please stay home’ because people die every day. Thousands of people die. No. 1 country right now, it’s U.S.," he added.


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