Nurmagomedov advises McGregor not to pull any tricks in Abu Dhabi

Nurmagomedov advises McGregor not to pull any tricks in Abu Dhabi

Russia’s UFC Reigning Lightweight Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov recommended Irish professional mixed martial arts fighter and boxer, Conor McGregor, to refrain from his typical show-offs at the UFC-242 tournament in Abu Dhabi.

UFC President Dana White said earlier that McGregor planned to come watching the tournament in Abu Dhabi. 

"It will be more difficult to leave Abu Dhabi than New York," Nurmagomedov noted on the air of Russia’s Rossiya-24 television channel. "If he plans to come, he should sit and watch the fights because it will be impossible to pull any of his underhanded tricks there."

"Abu Dhabi is no place for show-offs. Let him come if he plans to come, but his shenanigans won’t work there," TASS cited Nurmagomedov as saying.

In early April 2018, McGregor attacked a bus with fighters, including Nurmagomedov, as it was leaving a press conference in Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Using a metal barricade and other objects, McGregor and his accomplices smashed the windows of the bus injuring some of the passengers inside. The Irish fighter was later ordered to pay a fine and community service.

UFC Reigning Lightweight Champion Nurmagomedov is scheduled to fight against UFC Interim Champion Dustin Poirier of the United States on September 7 in Abu Dhabi.


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