OSCE: Migration crisis in Europe may be prolonged

OSCE: Migration crisis in Europe may be prolonged

When presenting a program in Vienna on combating human trafficking in the migratory routes OSCE Secretary General at the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), Lamberto Zannier, said that the immigration crisis in European countries may become a prolonged phenomenon.

He noted that the peak may pass quickly, but the crisis itself may be prolonged. They need to their best to solve this problem.

According to Madina Yarbussinova, the special representative of the OSCE on combat against trafficking of migrants, the situation in Europe creates additional risks for those refugees who may become victims because of human traffickers. "In the Western Balkans, the border is officially closed. However, it increases carriers' possibilities to find new customers,’’ she said, adding that the criminal groups involved in human trafficking are very creative in building their networks, Tass reports.


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