Oleg Stepko wins gold at World Cup Gymnastics in Doha

Oleg Stepko wins gold at World Cup Gymnastics in Doha

The World Cup in gymnastics in Doha has come to an end.

Today Azerbaijani sportsman Oleg Stepko won gold in exercises on the parallel bars. He won in the final with 15.825 points.

Second place was won by Mandrik Lardue from Cuba with 15.775 points.

Vietnamese athlete Phuoc Hung Pham was on the third line with 15.35 points.

Another Azerbaijani athlete Petro Pahnyuk performed in the final of this program and won the seventh place (14.45 points). Representatives of Turkey, Ferhat Aridzhan (14.625) and Ahmet Onder (14.1) won sixth and eighth places respectively.

In exercises on the bar Japanese athlete Fuya Maeno (15.175 points), Briton Ashley Watson (15.05 points) and Croat Mari Moznik (14.85 points) were the best. Turkish athlete Ahmet Onder won the fourth place with 14.75 points.

At competitions in vault medals were won by Chinese Huang Mincio (15.2 points), Austrian Christopher Remkes (14.95 points) and Brazilian Diego Hipolito (14.9 points). In the final competition Oleg Stepko was the fifth (14.725 points), Armenian Artur Davtyan won the fourth place (14,875 points) and Kazakhstani Nurtas Kazhakov won eighth place (13,812 points).

Greek athlete Eleftherios Petrunias (15,875 points) won the first place in The exercises on the rings, representatives of Armenia, Vahagn Davtyan and Artur Tovmasyan (15.8 and 15.775 points) won the second and third places respectively. Turkish athlete Ibrahim Colak and Kazakhstani Azizbek Kudratullaev  were fifth and eighth with 15.425 and 14.975 points respectively.

In exercises on the vaulting horse Armenian gymnast Harutyun Merdinyan (15.675 points), Croat Robert Seligman (15.3 points) and Oleg Stepko (15 points) reached the best results. Another Azerbaijani athlete Petro Pahnyuk won the fifth place with 13.6 points.

In the floor exercise medals were won by Diego Hipolito (15.175 points), Slovene Rock Klavora (15 points) and Briton Sam Oldham (14.925 points). Ahmet Onder and Petro Pahnyuk won the fourth and fifth places with 14.75 and 14.6 points, respectively.

In competitions among women in the vault Swiss Giulia Steingruber (14.712 points), Slovene Teja Belak and Tyasa Kisselef (14.337 and 14.087 points) were the best. Azerbaijani athlete Marina Nekrasov won the sixth place with 13.887 points.

Giulia Steingruber (14.7 points), Romanian Diana Laura Bulimar (14.125 points) and a Hungarian Zhofey Kovacs (13.925 points) won medal in the floor exercises.

Romanian Catalina Ponor (14.625 points), Brazilian Tauani Leah de Araujo (14,15) and Portuguese Philip Martin (13.9 points) won medal in the exercises on the balance beam.

Swede Jon Adlerteg (14.925 points), Brazilian Andrade Rebecca (14.25 points) and Philip Martin (13.625 points) were the best in exercises on uneven bars.


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