Only ruins left of Aghdam region of Azerbaijan (VIDEO)

Only ruins left of Aghdam region of Azerbaijan (VIDEO)

The new video evidence of what has been happening in the occupied lands during the 30 years of the Karabakh war was received from Azerbaijan's Aghdam region liberated from the occupation forces of the Armenian army.

The video features several completely destroyed houses. Before the war, Aghdam region was the most populated and developed region among those occupied by the Armenian military, but today, as you can see, it is a feral land with broken buildings invaded by bushes and trees.

It can be seen from the video footage that these territories have been deserted and abandoned all these 30 years, they were not needed by the invaders as part of their fake regime and were used only as a strip of alienation. The entire Agdam region, just like the Fizuli region and other territories, was turned into a desert - the ultranationalists who seized it, who believed their own lies in the superiority of their people, built nothing on this land.

The destruction of the Azerbaijani regions - that's all what these ultranationalists wanted, since the creation, development, prosperity of the region was never included in their plans. Azerbaijani citizens in the liberated territories of their republic now see and publish evidence on the Internet that the occupation and enmity with a neighbor were an end in itself of the instigators of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. They were not even interested in the life of their own compatriots held in this man-made desert for three decades; they only wanted an endless war.

This is the result of the myths about the superiority of one people over others: since these myths are created and supported by people with an unhealthy mind, nothing healthy,  or viable can come out of their hands. And we can only welcome that normal life is now returning to the lands they destroyed. The victory of Azerbaijan in the Karabakh war is not only the triumph of law over lawlessness and truth over lies, but also the triumph of civilized reason over barbaric madness.