Opposition trying to start another revolution in Armenia

Opposition trying to start another revolution in Armenia

The time given to Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan and his team by 16 opposition parties to resign voluntarily ended.

On December 5, the opposition political forces of Armenia, which held a rally and march in the center of Yerevan, demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. "We demand that Pashinyan resigns by 12:00 Tuesday. If he does not leave, then we will start protests throughout the country," he said.

According to the Zhoghovurd daily, the extra-parliamentary forces are convinced that Pashinyan will not resign until 12.00, despite the fact that on December 5 the opposition made such a demand. According to the reports, the opposition intends to "close" the country, but it is also looking for mechanisms to influence the authorities and achieve the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government.

Yesterday, the Armenian National Security Service warned that opposition representatives are forcing citizens to join the protests in Yerevan.

"According to the information received, a number of employers and heads of local self-government bodies are forcing subordinates to join these rallies by persuasion, material interest, and in some cases by threatening dismissal," the NSS said in a statement.

The security services called on residents not to obey these illegal demands, promising to disclose "all cases of coercion to participate in rallies” and to bring the instigators to account. The NSS added that it is important not to succumb to provocations in order to avoid riots and “undermining internal security."

Earlier, 16 Armenian opposition parties, including the Prosperous Armenia Party, made a decision to nominate former Prime Minister and Defense Minister Vazgen Manukyan as their candidate for the post of Prime Minister.


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