Over 1,400 people in Moscow donate plasma for COVID-19 patients

Over 1,400 people in Moscow donate plasma for COVID-19 patients

More than 1,400 people who have fully recovered from COVID-19 have become blood plasma donors in Moscow, 161 of them donated plasma several times, Moscow Deputy Mayor for Social Development Issues Anastasia Rakova said.

"Plasma with coronavirus antibodies is used as adjunctive therapy for hospital patients in moderate and grave condition. In the [Russian] capital, 1,451 people donated plasma after recovering from the disease, more than 160 donors came again and donated it for the second, third and even fourth time. We are very grateful to them and urge everyone who defeated the infection to help those who are still undergoing treatment in hospitals," TASS cited Rakova as saying.

She noted that there was a hotline for those who have recovered from COVID-19 to call if they are willing to become blood plasma donors.

"Potential donors are tested for the number of antibodies that provide antiviral protection. After that, city residents willing to become donors undergo a medical examination and medical tests. If there are no contraindications (HIV, hepatitis, previous surgery and others), and the results of antibody detection demonstrate their presence in sufficient quantities, a donor is invited to donate one’s plasma," Rakova added.


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