PKK militants attack a police squad in Istanbul

PKK militants attack a police squad in Istanbul

A group of 15 members of the youth wing of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) attacked police officers in Istanbul last night. According to the channel HaberTurk, one of the militants was killed, four were detained.

The incident occurred near Esenler in the European part of the city. The attackers, whose faces were covered with masks, attacked a motorized police squad, which it was conducting patrolling of this area. The PKK members were armed with firearms, grenades, Molotov cocktails, some had improvised explosive devices with shrapnel.

A 19-year-old militant was killed during the shootout, after that the attackers dispersed through alleyways. Police special forces were sent in Esenler to catch them, their actions were coordinated by helicopter. The operation continued throughout the night, now a large number of security forces is still in the area, TASS reports.


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