Paris and Trump to Russia: Crimea is yours!

Paris and Trump to Russia: Crimea is yours!

List of Western politicians who claim the need to come to terms with reality and recognize Crimea as part of Russia, has replenished with new names.

Today, US presidential candidate from the Republican Party, Donald Trump stated for the second time that he plans to discuss this if he wins the election. "I'm going to do it,'' RIA Novosti cites his response to a journalist's question.

"As far as I know, the Crimean people wanted to be with Russia, but not where they had been before. And it this fact also should be taken into account,’’ Trump stated.

"As for Ukraine, it is in a trouble. Despite the Obama administration, with his strong ties with NATO. Despite these strong ties with NATO, Ukraine is in a mess. And Crimea became a part of the other state. Do not blame Donald Trump,’’ he urged.

He and Thierry Mariani, the head of the French delegation who visited Crimea, urged to recognize the fact of the reunification of Crimea with Russia. "The state of things is that Crimea is Russian, and it is time to accept this fact. It is impossible to change this. We should start developing our cooperation,’’ Tass cites him as saying.

The MP explained that "those who have never been to Crimea" have another viewpoints. The MP pointed out that after the first visit of French parliamentarians to Crimea a number of his colleagues suffered from the ‘repressive actions’ and they were even deprived of their posts.

The head of the State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, Eurasian Integration and Relations with Compatriots, Leonid Slutsky, said representatives of the French delegation learned the expression "Crimea is ours" in Russian. 

‘‘Today, when our French friends met on the streets of Sevastopol with residents they said in Russian: "Crimea is ours’’, "Welcome to Russia". They specially prepared for this. These are the people who will always support us and Crimea andSevastopol in the political and information environment in Western Europe," the Russian deputy said.

As for Donald Trump, he made a number of other statements about its attitude to Russia. Thus, the presidential candidate has a hope that Russia will help the USA to eliminate banned Daesh. "If we have an ability to establish good relations with Russia and if Russia helps us to eliminate Daesh then it would be positive, rather than a negative fact, taking into account the fact that it is about huge sums of money and lives,’’ billionaire Trump noted.

At the same time Trump said that didn’t support any ties with Russia in the sphere of business. "I have no relationship with Putin, I've never met him,’’ the politician added.


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